12 Oaks RV Resort Guidelines
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To enable you and your neighbors
to enjoy your stay with us, it is necessary
to adopt certain guidelines. Your
cooperation will be appreciated.

Fires are permitted in grills only.

CHECKOUT: In fairness to other guests,
the 12:00 NOON checkout time must be

FIREARMS: Firearms and fireworks of
any kind are FORBIDDEN.

Please place all trash and garbage in
plastic bags and place in dumpsters.

is subject to management approval and
scheduled fees. One sewer hookup is
allowed for each site; to be connected
with sponge gasket only. Water and sewer
will be disconnected when unit is in storage.
Hard sewer lines exempted (50/30 amp)

All landscaping by guest is subject to prior
written approval of management.

Washers or dryers in recreational vehicles
are not allowed without permission of
management. On-site clotheslines are

It takes less than three minutes to get to
any site traveling at our enforced speed
limit. Bicycles and pedestrians have the
right-of way. PLEASE ABIDE by our 9 M.P.H.
speed limit.

All structures and appurtenances not a
standard part of the recreational vehicles
must have written management approval
prior to installation. Any site work done
by or for guests becomes park property
when guest leaves.

SWIMMING POOL: Rules and swimming hours are
posted in the pool area. Since there is no
lifeguard on duty, children under the age of
16 must be accompanied by an adult.

TELEPHONE: Office telephones are for business
use only. There is an emergency phone for
911 calls only. A modem line is available
for dial-up computer use.

VANDALISM: Persons guilty of disorderly
conduct or vandalism will be asked to leave
the park, and may be subject to criminal

VEHICLES: Two (2) vehicles per site allowed.
Repair or maintenance of vehicles on your
site is not permitted. No boats, storage
trailers, etc. on sites. Utility sheds by
management approval. 12 OAKS R.V. RESORT
reserves the right to amend these rules and
regulations governing this campground.

MESSAGES: Messages of an emergency nature
ONLY will be delivered immediately to your
site. All other messages will be posted on
the bulletin board.

PETS: House pets, 20 lbs. & under are
permitted. Please keep your pets quiet and on
a leash and never UNATTENDED! Pets must be
cleaned up after - even in dog walk areas!!
Florida Law and 12 OAKS R.V. RESORT reserves
the right to exclude any pets if complaints
are received. Florida State Law requires
evidence of rabies inoculation. Pets must
abide by quiet times also.

QUIET TIME: Please be considerate of other
campers by observing our quiet time between
10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

REGISTRATION: The park is privately owned,
and we reserve the right to select our
guests. Guests and visitors must register at
the office upon arrival. Relocation to
another site must have prior approval. Sorry,
no refunds!

Twelve Oaks R.V. Resort
161 Twelve Oaks Place
Sanford, FL 32771
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