12 Oaks RV Resort Communty
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There are loads of great destinations nearby, but inside the park you'll find plenty of fun too and people to enjoy it with. Take a stroll and get some sun or stick to the shade, or ride your cart or your bike or walk your dog. You'll encounter generous smiles and greetings.

Morning coffee with your pals or the gals, then deciding what to do with the rest of the day... Pot lucks, sunbathing by the pool, crafts, socials, evening grills, pinochle, poker, euchre, Bunco, bingo...

When you need a job done ask your neighbors, because someone here knows. Our park has a mix of permanent residents and visitors; retired folks and working folks; professionals, veterans, mechanics, truck drivers, technicians, artists, musicians... In other words, lots of experience, savvy, and talent are found in this community.

There is free WiFi available within the park.

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